We offer full fledge services in the areas like Taxation, Regulatory, Transaction Advisory and Audit & Assurance.

  • Regulatory

    Our nation is on the verge of being an economic superpower. With one of the fastest growing economy across the globe, the need for financing reforming has been intensified. We make sure that our client matches it taxation structure with the current compliance including the (FEMA) 1999, Companies Act 2013 & other applicable laws.

  • Transaction Advisory

    The business expansion comes with numerous financial and taxation constraint. It’s never been easy to sustain the business in the environment of evolving compliance and rules. Our Transaction Advisory experts offer assistance to business entities and partner to maximize their goal at a faster pace. We provide advisory on Fund Raising based on equity and debt, M&A, and Corporate Restructuring.

  • Taxation

    Our Taxation experts provide a comprehensive range of innovative services in domestic international taxation. Our aim is to maximize client potential with the best business practices. Our team of highly qualified experts interacts with clients to resolve tax-related disputes. All our efforts walk in tandem with compliance & risk mitigation to maximize the efficiency of our work.

  • Audit & Assurance

    Our team strongly believe that the analysis process should impart significant value to the business rather than simply comply with norms and current tax regulation. Our Audit & Assurance model provides a comprehensive range of customized services that suit organisation and industry.

Why Us

Offers best in class services to all level of organisation.

  • Equipped with highly qualified and experienced professionals that believe in producing
  • customize a solution to the client.
  • Team synergy to elevate and maximize our effort for providing cutting edge services.
  • Quick indulgence with the tax framework to offers great result.
  • Vast experience across sectors like real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, IT, and trading.
  • Cutting-edge global network for better overseas connections.
  • The wide bandwidth of network within and outside the country including private equity, banks, financial institutions, and family offices.